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If you’ve not ridden off the tarmac before, PLEASE drop us a line or give us a call BEFORE BOOKING so we can make sure you’re matched up with other riders of a similar level.


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When we ride and how much it will cost

We run our Full Day Tours on Saturdays and our Half Day Tours on Sunday mornings.

The Full Day costs £95pp and the Half Day £55pp. Simples.

If you’ve got a special request then please Contact Us with the details and we’ll do our best to help you out.

OK, I've booked – so what do I need?

  • Well first off you’ll need a bike! This can be anything from a Honda XR125 to a BMW R1200 GS Adventure, but choose your ride according to your skill level. Start with something small and light to accelerate your learning curve, then move on to a bigger more powerful machine.
  • Bear in mind that the green lanes are classed as roads so your machine must be fully road legal, taxed, MOT’d, insured and you must hold an appropriate driving licence. Rules of the road also apply on the lanes.
  • A good pair of motorcycle boots, waterproof ideally. These should be strong enough to protect your feet, ankles and shins from rocks and tree stumps… and possibly your bike falling on top of you! Motocross boots are ideal.
  • You’ll also need a sturdy motorcycle jacket, trousers and gloves with all the armour in the relevant places. Textile gear is preferable to leathers (you’ll never get them clean again!) to protect you from overhanging branches, brambles and the inevitable tumble.
  • A few essential tools and some basic knowledge to carry out any running repairs necessary to your own bike as we go. An AA or RAC Membership card is also sometimes also useful!
  • Carrying some water is also a good idea – trail riding can be very strenuous, especially if it’s your first time, and you can easily become dehydrated
  • It’s always worth carrying a freezer bag or two to act as waterproof cases for wallets, phones, cameras or anything else you need to keep dry.