For 2024 we’ll be back in the mountains and running both an Adventure Bike Tour and an Enduro/Lightweight Bike Tour, towards the end of June/early July, and again over the last couple of weeks of September.

These will be 6 night tours, staying in hotels to keep the luggage weight down, and riding the high trails and mountain passes of the French and Italian Alps.

Same relaxed easy-going fun format as our UK Rides, just with better food, significantly more altitude and jaw-dropping views around every corner!

As per the UK rides, tours will be a maximum of 6 riders plus guides.

Alps 2022 | Surrey Green Lane Tours


Those who’ve ridden with us before know we’re based in the UK, but to maximise your riding time in the mountains, our Alpine Tours start and finish at the foot of Mont Blanc in Saint Gervais les Bains in France.

This allows you to get there (and back) at your own pace – if you’re comfortable with a long blast down the French péage it’s perfectly doable in a day on an Adventure bike, or alternatively take your time and spend a couple of days exploring the fantastic roads down through France. The choice is yours and a full GPS route will be provided upon booking.

As well as being a stunning destination in it’s own right, sitting at the foot of Europe’s tallest mountain, Saint Gervais is the gateway to the Alps. This makes it a perfect staging post for some high altitude adventure in France and Italy, and we’ll take in some of the highest paved and unpaved roads in Europe on our way.

We’ve hand-picked some great local hotels for the trip, with multiple nights in each so there’ll be a good mix of riding with and without luggage. Small groups with experienced guides leading a maximum of 6 riders, a perfect blend of incredible roads, high alpine passes and bucket-list offroad trails… this is exactly what your bike is for!

Exact Dates TBC, but I”ll be running tours both around the end of June/early July and in mid September.


You should have a good standard of riding on and off the tarmac, and be comfortable with multiple full days in the saddle.

If you need more information on how it all works and what to expect, then please get in touch using the Form below, or feel free to give me a call on 07748 598 880.


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