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13 Sep

Half Day Tour – I’ve been planning to explore the Surrey Green Lanes for months. I knew that planning nice green lane route is not an easy task..

I did search on the web and found Surrey Green Lane Tours. When I read about Rob’s company, his adventures and watched his YouTube channel I booked the trip with him.

We met at Rykas where Rob briefed me on what to expect on a day. After a nice chat and a cup of coffee we set off.

I have to admit I didn’t expect that Surrey offers such variety of byways. We rode on many lanes from smooth ones that would be suitable for harley riders to deeply rutted ascents covered with stones and sand that could be challenging for Jarvis.

And the views of the “Surrey Alps” plus Rob’s infinite knowledge about the area made the trip as interesting as going through remote South America. For sure I will be coming back for more so Rob can show me more of the beautiful countryside.

Pawel Chillinski

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