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25 Jun

Big Bike Day – what a day out! Rode down from Bedfordshire and met Rob at Rykas cafe @ 9.30. Was told the other 2 people on the course had pulled out due to the wet weather – was I letting myself in for a challenge?! Suited me fine though as never been off road before and wouldn’t want to hold people up.

Great choice of bike for introduction into green lanes, KTM 1290 SA. Had a chat about what to expect, a couple of tips to start off with then on to the first lane.

The start was very sedate, dry stony driveway type road to get used to bike moving. At the beginning of each step Rob gave a quick chat on what the next stage entailed and some helpful hints to get you through. 2nd stage, bit flatter, time to stand and the first of many puddles.

Through the day we encountered many different surfaces, dry stony, rocky, chalky, sandy, adverse camber, mud, deep puddles, mud, puddles and more mud! The bike was far more capable than me but I learnt so much, and a lot that can be transferred to road riding. I’ve uploaded a couple of videos of the day.

At the end of the day the tiredness took over. I was getting more confident but more tired – a dangerous mix so decided to call it a day early. Will definitely be back though. Cannot thank Rob enough. Great routes through such varied terrain, helpful and informative information given and a thoroughly nice bloke. Ended in a beautiful pub for one of the best home made burgers I think I’ve ever had.

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